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What We Do

We perfect written material to present a professional image that sets your work apart and maximises readers' comprehension and satisfaction.

Here To Help

Our team of qualified, experienced Australian writers, editors and proofreaders focus on the individual needs of our clients.

Achieve the Best

Use our professional services to ensure your work is polished, professional and an effortless read.

An EAGLE EYE for perfection!

Our Services

You can rely on us

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Developmental/structural editing
  • Writing, including ghostwriting and copywriting
  • Manuscript assessments

Our Specialties

Why we are the best


  • Editing/proofreading fiction (most genres), non-fiction manuscripts
  • Editing all types of written material including reports, brochures, etc.
  • Writing/editing websites, blogs, marketing material
  • Writing/editing memoirs, autobiographies, biographies
  • Localisation services (UK/US English to Aus English and vice versa)

Our Values

Peace of mind; people you can trust

  • We provide a quality service
  • We communicate effectively to ensure customer satisfaction
  • We adhere to deadlines to guarantee a stress-free experience
  • We pride ourselves on attention to detail

Our Clients

We're here to help you

  • Experienced writers/published authors
  • Businesses of any size and industry or profession
  • Government (national/state/local and agencies)
  • Not-for-profits
  • Universities

Hear It From Our Clients

  • Thomas Barlow

    “Sally’s a genius. She is truly brilliant at what she does. I am in awe of her accuracy, professionalism, and nuance. She sees what others miss. In fact, I am thinking of writing another book just to have the chance of working with her again. Seriously - she’s that good!”  Read more…
  • Gabriel Farago

    As a self-published author, I take great care in selecting my team, and no team member is more important than the editor. I have been working closely with Sally for two years now, and she has edited my third novel...I have been impressed by Sally’s professionalism and attention to detail right from the beginning and it has been a pleasure to work with her. Read more…
  • Tom Pritchard

    “As a small web services agency, the need to access high quality copy is crucial to the ongoing development of our clients and as an agency. Sally is a perfectionist! Her work is superb and always exceeds our expectations and that of our clients. I hope to continue to use Sally as our go to person for all content writing services in the future; her services are a crucial step in the website development process.”  Read more…
  • Chris Hepworth

    "I was drawn to Sally's website on the basis that she specialised in first time authors. She took on my average work with ordinary characters and dubious plot lines and helped me to turn it into something that I am now extremely proud of and has a chance of commercial success. I cannot praise Sally enough for her patience and expertise. She was a delight to work with.”   Read more…
  • Paula Houseman

    “I found Sally very easy to work with. She’s patient, warm and approachable. She’s reliable—she came in ahead of deadline—and her pricing is competitive. With a sharp eye for detail, Sally picked up the tiniest grammatical oversights in my manuscript and offered some sound suggestions. And equally important, she related well to the tone of the story, instinctively knowing what needed attention and what needed to be left alone.”  Read more…


We understand the personal value and sensitivity of all documents entrusted to us, which is why a high priority is placed upon assuring 100% security and confidentiality for all documents. We also offer safe online payment options that do not require credit cards.



  • Substantive/structural review
  • Appropriate language and style
  • Clarity/consistency of presentation
  • Language consistency/ appropriateness
  • Accuracy/reference checking
  • Style sheet conformity



  • Verification of copy
  • Integrity check
  • Proofing spelling/
  • House style conformity
  • Format checking

Our Business Hours

We are here to serve you during the following business hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed – Urgent jobs that require evening or weekend work attract a surcharge of 20%

Contact us today

Who We Are

Established in 2007, Full Proofreading Services has quickly built a reputation for excellence and quality services, expanding its client base all over Australia as well as overseas. Qualified proofreaders, editors and writers are available to assist with the ever-increasing volume and variety of work.

Full Proofreading offers a range of services including copywriting, editing and proofreading to a diverse range of businesses, government departments and agencies, organisations and writers Australia-wide and internationally. If you need the assistance of an Australian proofreader, editor or writer, contact us today.