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  • Are you 100% confident that your website and business documentation is well written and free of embarrassing typos that will turn clients off?
  • Are you 100% confident your academic work will achieve the grade you want? As the deadline looms, is your referencing/bibliography correct? Are the formatting and headings consistent?
  • Are you 100% confident your novel or non-fiction book is ready for publication? Is it free of all spelling and grammatical errors, are all elements included in the proper order, have any continuity or structural problems been addressed, and has the correct publisher or other style been followed?

No matter how many times you read and re-read your work or have it read by colleagues, friends or family, your work WILL NOT be 100%.

Here are FIVE REASONS you should budget as much as you can afford to hire a professional proofreader, editor or writer:

  1. We ADD VALUE to your business. Customers are more likely to use a business that presents itself professionally on its website and has well written marketing material and business documentation. Would YOU use a business that has a badly presented website or sends out letters full of typos?
  2. We IMPROVE your academic results. Having your thesis, essay, journal article or academic book polished and perfected, with the references and bibliography cross-checked and correctly formatted can make the difference between a Pass and a High Distinction.
  3. We SAVE YOU TIME. Everyone’s busy. Everyone has deadlines. Trying to proofread under pressure is disastrous. Hiring a proofreader will remove this stress by ensuring you meet that deadline, allowing you to focus on other things.
  4. We SAVE YOU MONEY. How much is your time worth? How much time do you want to waste poring over your work, trying to spot errors that you will probably miss anyway? Wouldn’t you rather pay someone who can do this in a fraction of the time – and not miss anything?
  5. We are AFFORDABLE. Considering the professional training and years of experience of proofreaders, editors and writers, our hourly rates are extremely reasonable. You only pay for time spent working on your project -no holiday pay, no sick pay, no superannuation and in many cases, no GST.

When you see the significant improvements to your website, business documents, book or academic work once they have been professionally proofread, edited or written, you can congratulate yourself on money well spent. Not only have you added value to your business, improved your results, saved time and money, but also you have learned how affordable using a professional proofreader, editor or writer such as FULL PROOFREADING SERVICES can be. Better still, you’ve begun a relationship with a trusted service that delivers long-term success.


Who We Are

Established in 2007, Full Proofreading Services has quickly built a reputation for excellence and quality services, expanding its client base all over Australia as well as overseas. Qualified proofreaders, editors and writers are available to assist with the ever-increasing volume and variety of work.

Full Proofreading offers a range of services including copywriting, editing and proofreading to a diverse range of businesses, organisations and writers Australia wide and internationally. If you need the assistance of an Australian proofreader, editor or writer, contact us today.