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Sally's Blog

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July 2016

Why an editor might just save your ass!

Everyone knows first impressions count. As do second, third and fourth impressions.

Do you baulk at spending money on hiring a copywriter, editor or proofreader? Many businesses do. It’s understandable – ‘editing expenses’ are hardly a priority when there are so many other important demands on our budget.

April 2016

The following is an amusing article written by David Cohen*. It’s a tongue in cheek look at what can happen when an editor notices a typo on public signage, which is an occupational hazard for most editors and proofreaders - or anyone with a sharp eye for typos for that matter. Enjoy!

January 2016

I have lived in Australia more than half my life, but my dinky-di Aussie offspring roll their eyes whenever I pronounce words the Pommie way, such as words ending in ‘ance’ with a long ‘a’ - darnce, Frarnce and so forth. I say yoghurt rather than yowghurt, and vitamins, not vytamins. Gumboots are wellies, and a raincoat is a mac. I have adopted some Aussie sayings, for example, ‘no worries’ - although I will never, ever say youse!

March 2016

Once you’ve found your perfect editor, it's important to do some ‘housekeeping’ to ensure your writing is editor-ready. 

There’s a saying: ‘Happy wife, happy life’ [source unknown and probably unreliable anyway]. The same could apply to your editor: ‘Happy editor, happy writer’ . . . Okay, that doesn’t rhyme, but you get the idea.

If you’re self-employed, how do you fit 40-plus BILLABLE hours into your week?

Years ago, I worked as an employee for various large organisations. Commuting, working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 (okay, often longer but it was ‘overtime’), a few weeks off per year for holidays, was my normal life for almost two decades. Then at 35, I had my first child. I loved the job I had at the time and had every intention of returning to work, but as soon as I laid eyes on our precious son, priorities changed.

Who We Are

Established in 2007, Full Proofreading Services has quickly built a reputation for excellence and quality services, expanding its client base all over Australia as well as overseas. Qualified proofreaders, editors and writers are available to assist with the ever-increasing volume and variety of work.

Full Proofreading offers a range of services including copywriting, editing and proofreading to a diverse range of businesses, organisations and writers Australia wide and internationally. If you need the assistance of an Australian proofreader, editor or writer, contact us today.