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Sally's Blog

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Like many people who start their own business without any clue how to run a business, I bumbled my way through the first ten years and made many mistakes. I also learned some invaluable lessons. I hope that sharing them will be helpful.

In July 2017, I chalked up my first decade as a freelance editor, proofreader, writer and business owner. Did I make mistakes along the way? Hell, yes! Do I have any regrets about becoming a small business owner? Absolutely not!

Q:      What do an editor, a proofreader and a stylist have in common?

A:       Our job is to make our clients look amazing!

If you’re a writer, your reputation depends on the quality of your book. Poorly presented books attract bad reviews, which affect sales.

For businesses and other organisations, the quality of your service might be judged on any written material, be it your website, magazine, blog articles, annual reports, brochures or other advertising.

April 2016

The following is an amusing article written by David Cohen*. It’s a tongue in cheek look at what can happen when an editor notices a typo on public signage, which is an occupational hazard for most editors and proofreaders - or anyone with a sharp eye for typos for that matter. Enjoy!

July 2016

Why an editor might just save your ass!

Everyone knows first impressions count. As do second, third and fourth impressions.

Do you baulk at spending money on hiring a copywriter, editor or proofreader? Many businesses do. It’s understandable – ‘editing expenses’ are hardly a priority when there are so many other important demands on our budget.

March 2016

Once you’ve found your perfect editor, it's important to do some ‘housekeeping’ to ensure your writing is editor-ready. 

There’s a saying: ‘Happy wife, happy life’ [source unknown and probably unreliable anyway]. The same could apply to your editor: ‘Happy editor, happy writer’ . . . Okay, that doesn’t rhyme, but you get the idea.

Who We Are

Established in 2007, Full Proofreading Services has quickly built a reputation for excellence and quality services, expanding its client base all over Australia as well as overseas. Qualified proofreaders, editors and writers are available to assist with the ever-increasing volume and variety of work.

Full Proofreading offers a range of services including copywriting, editing and proofreading to a diverse range of businesses, government departments and agencies, organisations and writers Australia-wide and internationally. If you need the assistance of an Australian proofreader, editor or writer, contact us today.