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Sally's Blog

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January 2016

I have lived in Australia more than half my life, but my dinky-di Aussie offspring roll their eyes whenever I pronounce words the Pommie way, such as words ending in ‘ance’ with a long ‘a’ - darnce, Frarnce and so forth. I say yoghurt rather than yowghurt, and vitamins, not vytamins. Gumboots are wellies, and a raincoat is a mac. I have adopted some Aussie sayings, for example, ‘no worries’ - although I will never, ever say youse!

When you’re self-employed, fitting 40-plus hours into your week isn’t straightforward.

Years ago, I worked as an employee for a number of large organisations. Commuting, working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 (often longer but it was ‘overtime’), a few weeks off per year for holidays ... this was my normal life for almost two decades. Then at 35, I had my first child. I loved the corporate job I had at the time and had every intention of returning to work pronto, but as soon as I laid eyes on our precious son, it was game over. My heart was bursting with love. Priorities changed.

Picture a place that you know like the back of your hand. You know all the street names, the locals, which place makes the best coffee. You know where to find your friends.

Now visualise a complete stranger coming to your familiar place. They have never set foot here before today. How do you think they are feeling? Lost? Bewildered?

Don’t let self-doubt or criticism destroy your passion to write.

Over the years of working with clients who have written a memoir, auto-biography, semi-autobiographical novel or their first manuscript, I often hear this: ‘Is my story worth telling?’ ‘Is it a load of rubbish?’ ‘Should I give up?’  ‘Am I wasting my time?’

Imagine this. You have just finished writing your first novel. The elation you feel as you type ‘The End’ is palpable; it’s almost as euphoric as the birth of your first child.

It has taken many hours, weekends, late and probably sleepless nights over a significant period—possibly years to get to this point. What’s next? You tentatively hand copies around to family, friends or a writers’ group, eager for their feedback.

Who We Are

Established in 2007, Full Proofreading Services has quickly built a reputation for excellence and quality services, expanding its client base all over Australia as well as overseas. Qualified proofreaders, editors and writers are available to assist with the ever-increasing volume and variety of work.

Full Proofreading offers a range of services including copywriting, editing and proofreading to a diverse range of businesses, government departments and agencies, organisations and writers Australia-wide and internationally. If you need the assistance of an Australian proofreader, editor or writer, contact us today.