Businesses and other organisations are increasingly hiring freelance writers, editors and proofreaders to perfect their websites, marketing material, blogs, eBooks and annual reports. Sally Asnicar of Full Proofreading Services gives FOUR GOOD REASONS why this is a wise move.

Do you baulk at the thought of hiring a freelance copywriter, editor or proofreader? You’re not alone. Often the perception is that it’s non-essential and/or unaffordable. Besides, you have staff who are ‘good with that stuff’ – right? Wrong. Before you discount using the services of a freelancer, consider these THREE important questions:

  1. Are you confident your website, marketing material and blog articles are well-written, free of embarrassing typos that turn clients off, and more importantly, have the ‘pizazz’ to attract new clients?
  2. Are you confident there are no fundamental but easily missed errors in your business’s formal documentation that could cost you money?
  3. Are you confident the staff member you currently task to do this ‘extra’ work has the knowledge, experience, training, qualifications and above all, TIME, to perfect this written material, in addition to carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities?

If you’re still not convinced, here are FOUR GOOD REASONS you should consider hiring a freelance proofreader, editor or copywriter:

  1. We ADD VALUE to your business. People are more likely to use a business that presents itself professionally, with a well-presented website, top-notch marketing material and flawless business documentation. Would YOU be happy to use a business that has a boring website, poorly written blog articles and brochures, or terms and conditions that make no sense?
  2. We SAVE YOU TIME. Everyone’s busy. Everyone has deadlines. Expecting a staff member to proofread under pressure is disastrous. Hiring a freelance proofreader will remove this stress by ensuring written material is perfected and deadlines are met, allowing you and your staff to focus on other things.
  3. We SAVE YOU MONEY. How much is your staff’s time worth? How much time do you want them to waste poring over written material, trying to spot errors they will probably miss anyway? Wouldn’t you rather outsource to a professional who can do this in a fraction of the time with a fresh pair of keen eyes that can pick up the minutest error?
  4. We are AFFORDABLE. Good proofreaders, editors and writers have years of training and experience under their belt, yet hourly freelance rates are extremely reasonable. You only pay them for time spent working on a project. There’s no holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation and in some cases, no GST to worry about.

We ADD VALUE to your business

Once you see the significant improvements a freelance writer, editor or proofreader can bring to your website, marketing material, blog or business documents, you can congratulate yourself on money well spent. You have added value to your business, saved time and money, and taken the pressure off your harried staff. You have also learned how affordable using a professional proofreader, editor or writer can be. Consider hiring them on a regular basis. This will build a long-term, trusted relationship, and it will also work out cheaper as many freelancers give discounts for monthly retainers.

Do you hire a freelance writer, editor or proofreader? Share your experiences here.

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